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Vivos Shelters Are Priced To Be As Affordable As Possible

Vivos is the most affordable way to secure ownership and space for you and your loved ones in a real underground shelter built to withstand virtually any envisioned catastrophe.

Many of our bunkers provide for co-ownership to share the construction, outfitting and stocking cost of each Vivos shelter by each of its respective co-owners/shelterists. This co-ownership/use model provides an affordable solution to families that would otherwise not be able to own a real, all-risk shelter, built to provide autonomous underground survival. Other Vivos bunkers are available for private purchase and use. Either way, each Vivos underground survival complex is priced to make your options as affordable as possible.

Here is a list of our currently available shelters.

Available Shelters Accommodates Pricing
Vivos Indiana 80 people $35,000 Per Person
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Vivos xPoint Up to 24/Bunker $40,000 Per Private Bunker
NOTE: Due to our increasing phase costs, effective July 15, 2021 the price will be increased to $45,000.
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Vivos Europa One 500+ People Private Apartments & Suites Available
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Vivos Quantum 6 to 100's Temporarily discontinued
Vivos Trine 100+ People Contact us for more information
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Pets are provided free access subject to the Vivos Pet Policy

Unfortunately, there are no free spaces available in Vivos.
We have no government subsidies, or philanthropic sponsors to defray our costs.

Discounts may be available based on your expertise, skills, background, education and/or experience.

Terra Vivos
Terra Vivos

Don't Be Left Out!

Join us while you still can and space is available.

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Contact us to obtain more information and to secure your space in a Vivos bunker.
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