Large Volume, Heavy Duty, Re-Useable, Light Weight, Flexible Water and Fuel Tanks  
  One of the essentials of any survival shelter or complex is fuel to power the generator.  Vivos is now expanding its line of flexible water and fuel storage tanks to larger sizes to safely store your long-term supply, at an affordable price per gallon.  These heavy-duty tanks provide a portable, light, strong, simple and durable water or fuel storage solution at a fraction of the cost per gallon of all other storage tanks.

Collapsible to approximately 4% of their filled volume, each tank is easily unfolded in place and instantly ready to fill with no assembly.  Each tank meets or exceeds Mil-Spec T-52983G, and ASTM requirements for permeability, volume swell and solubility for water, hydrocarbons, fuels and most chemicals. Utilizing heavy gauge urethane coated, woven nylon material, these tanks remain soft and flexible in temperatures from -50ºF to 160°F.  All of our flexible storage tanks are rigorously pressure and stress tested for leaks and all quality control concerns.
  These flexible tanks are easily filled in minutes from any water or fuel spigot through the oversized brass and stainless steel top camlock valve. Then gravity or an external pump is all you will need to drain the tank, through the camlock ball valve that will lead to your water tap, power generator, or day tank storage supply. 

Once filled your tank can be stored above ground on virtually any surface, in a shipping container, or buried below ground for optimum stealth and protection from the elements and any intruders. 

Sizes range from 500 to 5,000 gallons complete with all fill and drain valves, vented pressure relief valve, an optional protective spill and abrasion ground liner and an optional cover tarp.  The huge savings of shipping and installation can each offset the cost of the tank itself.  Just add water or fuel and enjoy the savings!

Maximum Volume: 500 gallons 1,000 gallons 2,000 gallons 5,000 gallons
Filled Measurement: 9.3’ x 7.5’ x 1.75’ high +/- 11.6’ x 9.8’ x 2.0’ high +/- 14.2’ x 12.3’ x 2.75’ high 18.7’ x 17.2’ x 3.75’ high
Empty Weight: 110 lbs 125 lbs 150 lbs 195 lbs
Complete Tank Price: $1,695.00 $2,695.00 $3,495.00 $4,495.00
Optional Ground Cover: $350.00 $400.00 $475.00 $525.00
All pricing is in USD 
Base Tank Material: 33 oz. Urethane coated ballistic woven nylon. Color desert tan.
Ground Cover Material: 23 oz. Urethane coated woven nylon - abrasion resistant
Temperature Resistance:  -50ºF to 160°F
Fill Method: Through top center positioned brass and stainless 2" or 3" camlock valve
Drainage Method: By gravity or pump through brass and stainless camlock valve
Safety Features: Vented pressure relief fill cap.  Flapper valve in fill neck to prevent fuel backflow during filling. Static ground strap to earth.
Repair Kit: Included    
Not Included: Tie-down straps (optional), drainage tube/hose or pump
Limited Warranty: 90 Days on workmanship and materials (Details)
Shipping: 4 weeks for delivery, F.O.B. Ex Works, Southern California
Notes: • Custom sizes available up to 100,000 gallons
• Always consult with State and/or Local Authorities regarding restrictions for use in your area prior to purchasing

• EPA Regulations require secondary containment for fuel when fuel bladders are deployed
• Specifications and materials subject to change without notice.
All dimensions, weights and volumes are approximate.
• Made in the USA
Flexible Storage Tank Mil Specification and Tests

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