Until now, no private organization has offered an impervious, impenetrable and permanent DNA storage vault, able to provide virtually every man, woman and child on Earth, a safe and secure, nuclear blast-proof, underground shelter to store their DNA, for their own future regenerative medical needs, or even for the preservation and potential restoration of the human race itself!

Best of all, the storage is free!


It is predicted in the near future, your own DNA will be used to extend your life.  Rapid advances in biomedical research offer the promise of future scientific breakthroughs based on high quality archival genomic DNA.  Healthy DNA will be used as a means of regenerative medicine, to restore normal healthy function to body organs, skin tissue, and parts damaged by disease, injured by trauma, or just worn out by time.  Storing a small sample of your DNA as it exists today may assure you longer life through cures for disease and the restoration of virtually every cell in your body.


As you age, your body's cells die and are continuously duplicated in the process of DNA replication. However, with each subsequent cell division a portion of the tips of the DNA strand, called the Telomeres, are inherently damaged. The deterioration and shortening of the Telomeres is what causes your body to degenerate and age.

Therefore, your best DNA is available at birth. Regardless of your age, tomorrow your DNA will not be as healthy as it is today. This is why it is important to capture and store your DNA in its present condition, before it further deteriorates.




What if you forgot to store your DNA and need it later in life when science is ready and able to cure virtually any disease with your own undamaged DNA, but you failed to store it?   Worse yet, what if an environmental catastrophe destroys your DNA, requiring your former, healthy DNA for restoration, but there is none?  Preserving your DNA for posterity provides the personal blueprint required to leverage scientific advances including possible medical regeneration and life extension in the future.


Vivos was originally envisioned and built to accommodate thousands of people in the event of a major global extinction level event which could destroy the world as we know it.  However, Vivos has come to realize that it has a higher purpose; to create the Vivos Global Genome Vault, where virtually every person on the planet can store his or her DNA for its long-term preservation and protection.




Using the latest technology of DNA collection storage, “blood card” technology collects, separates and fractionates whole blood into DNA-containing cellular, serum and small molecule components in 5 minutes.  Utilizing a unique linear separation chromotography, once the donor deposits just 5 droplets of whole blood on the Donor Card, the special strip rapidly separates and dries the genomic DNA in a format that is permanent and miniaturized.  The DNA cards can then be stored at room temperature for an indefinite period without DNA degradation or deterioration.



Double-blind security and privacy is assured to protect the identity of all donors from any invasive government inspection. Each DNA blood card has a random two-dimensional QR code labeling system. Once received by Vivos, there is no way of tracing who the donor was, until the donor provides a copy of a second Donor Reference Card that the donor retains with the matching QR code symbol. Only a donor can provide the information that will identify their actual DNA sample within the Vivos vaults. 

This system assures donor privacy, while protecting personal identification of each DNA sample. Effectively, donors are thereby anonymous to outside sources, while providing and preserving their DNA for their own potential future medical needs, or to remain as a part of the human genome pool.

To further insure the preservation and survival of all DNA samples, Vivos is also offering donors the opportunity to collocate their DNA in both the United States and Europe.  Both deep underground shelters offer virtually impervious protection in their hermetically sealed vaults. 

Whether stored for years, decades or more than a century, the Vivos Global Genome Vault pool will be a perpetual depository, preserving life on Earth as we know it.

The Vivos Global Genome Vault will include a group of explanatory illustrations etched on metal plates.  Drawings will include the entire double helix, atom by atom to represent the individual elements.  To emphasize the point, added pictures of humans and other living beings will be included in the etchings explaining the essence of all life. 

In addition, a comprehensive library of books and digital reference materials on the science of DNA will be sealed within the vaults for future re-education. This information will provide a viable knowhow for any future regeneration as an "Ark of Humanity”!


Vivos has developed the world’s largest network of deep underground, blast-proof survival shelters, with a goal to accommodate thousands of people in the face of an epic global catastrophe.  However, along the way, we realized that there are only a very limited number of people who can afford to purchase a space in one of our shelters.  So, we chose to make Vivos available to virtually every man, woman and child on Earth, by storing their DNA in massive hermetically sealed vaults located within the Vivos shelters.  


We then learned how this would not only be an Ark for Humanity, creating the largest gene pool ever, but a means of storage and preservation of DNA for use in regenerative medicine while you are still living! Now the BIGGER purpose of Vivos was becoming crystal clear.  Vivos will always be an “Ark”, but now it can also be the proverbial “Fountain of Youth”!  


In the very near future, medical science will be able to use your own, undamaged DNA to restore your organs, including: heart, kidney, skin, bone, tissue, lungs, liver, blood vessels, and cure everything from cancer to blindness. However, your DNA is dying and aging with each cellular regeneration. The Telomeres are shortening, thereby losing some of the valuable embedded code that you were born with.  This is what causes aging and a deterioration of your health.


Donors purchase a low-cost DNA collection kit that provides both an Official Donor Card with a patented enzyme strip where you will place 5 droplets of your blood; and, a Donor Reference Card that you will keep in a safe place.  You will then place a small QR code sticker on both the Donor Card and your Reference Card.  This QR code is the only means of identifying, matching and sourcing your DNA in the Vivos vaults.  Vivos retains no cross referencing for any donor card, so it is impossible for either Vivos or any government agency to identify your Donor Card from the millions of other samples.  If and when you need to have your own DNA sample returned, you simply send us a photo of your Reference Card and the QR sticker.   We will then be able to match the QR codes and locate your specific DNA sample in the vault for retrieval. 

What if you need your younger, undamaged DNA in the future and you failed to preserve it today? The consequences may be the difference of living a longer healthier life, or not!


Due to the scale of this epic project and that fact that the Vivos shelters already exist, the cost of storage is amazingly affordable!  For as little as $30.00 (a one-time fee) you can store your DNA and obtain the life-assurance protection that will be PRICELESS, if you ever need it in the future. There’s no better or more important opportunity in the world, then to have made the wise choice to preserve your life, before it is too late!



Collocation Kits provide storage of your genome in two Vivos shelter vaults;
one in America and the other in Europe.  Twice the chance of survival from all perils.

DNA Donor Collection Kit Options

Each Donor Kits includes

1 Official Vivos Global Genome Vault Donor DNA Collection Card

1 Donor Reference Card

1 lancet to poke your finger to extract 5 blood droplets

1 mylar envelope for sealing the Donor Collection Card

3 QR Code stickers for Donor to place on Donor Collection / Donor Reference Cards and mylar envelope

1 prepaid return shipment envelope to mail to Vivos

Step-by-step instructions

DNA Donor Kits are shipped to customer within 4 weeks of order.

Shipments outside of the United States will incur an additional charge.


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