To be considered for co-ownership of a Vivos community shelter, you must first become a Vivos member.  Membership is totally free.  The Membership Application (below) provides us with basic information on who you are, your contact information, the size of your group, your combined skill sets or expertise, and insight regarding why you are seeking a shelter solution.


Vivos selects the best candidates for co-ownership of each shelter from our current pool of active members.  We first look for those individuals who may best contribute their skills and expertise to each Vivos shelter community, thereby providing the greatest chance of long-term survival of the entire group.  Each co-ownership candidate is reviewed based on a number of criteria. 

The Vivos Selection Team member will then contact you by email and request to schedule a convenient time that you may privately talk by phone or Skype.  It is important that you respond to their email in a timely manner and follow-thru on this final step for membership approval. During that conversation we will answer all of your immediate questions about Vivos and how we may be able accommodate you and your family or group in a Vivos shelter.  You will find this conversation to be very informative, welcoming and supportive!

As member candidates are approved, they are provided an invitation to purchase space(s) in a specific existing or planned Vivos shelter.

Please take a moment to complete this brief 2-page application.  All information received will remain confidential per our Privacy Policy.



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