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If your company is already selling survivalist gear, supplies, weapons, ammo and safes to store them in, it makes sense for you to also provide the ultimate safe (haven) for your customers most valuable asset, namely their family! Vivos is the world’s leading provider of both massive underground community shelters, and private shelters that can be installed virtually anywhere. Together, we can help your customers achieve the real protection and life-assurance they need in today’s dangerous world.

The looming man-made, natural, and economic threats to our families, homes, and country are quite evident. With everything going on – it is time to circle the wagons and have an all risk catastrophic solution. The governments of the world have been bunkering up for decades. Their deep underground bases are able to accommodate tens of thousands of people, but not the rest of us. We’re on our own!

With the 2nd Amendment now in jeopardy, and plans in place to confiscate guns and ammo, America is on the brink of a meltdown and potentially another civil war. At the very least, an anarchistic situation may unfold, leaving all of us in the gun sight of someone wanting whatever it is we may have that they need.

As a Vivos Dealer Affiliate you will have an entire new product line and market to sell. Shelters are the final step in preparedness and personal security. Vivos shelters are the ultimate fortress, with the underground protection of the earth itself against radiation, biological pandemics, war gases, economic collapse, epic natural catastrophes such as asteroid bombardment, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme winds and weather, and of course civil unrest. There is no better solution regardless of the crisis!

Become a Vivos Dealer Affiliate

Here is how you can benefit as a Vivos Dealer Affiliate

  • Receive a 10% commission on any sale made either directly by you, or referred to us for closing.
  • Add another turnkey product line,
    • with unlimited supply;
    • without potential government restrictions;
    • without the need to actually inventory any merchandise; and,
    • with a pent up demand within your existing customer base.
  • A selection of banners (view samples) that may be displayed on your website, with click thru coding to credit your company for every lead to Vivos.
  • Publicity and extensive local media attention as a Vivos Dealer Affiliate. Google Vivos and you will find as many as 40 million hits. We are everywhere and the media is craving stories about shelters and who is buying them. As a Vivos Dealer Affiliate you will be their twist to localize the story for your market.

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