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You cannot change this dangerous world, but you can protect yourself from it!

Use this list to get started in your search of needed gear. As a convenience, we have sourced many items for you below.

Vivos Logo Clothing
Vivos Logo Clothing Our official members only, logo clothing is sharp and distinctive with the bold statement that Vivos is "The Backup Plan For Humanity". We've found that everyone wants to know what Vivos is when they see our branded clothing. A great conversation starter to meet others and share your insights and opinions on what's ahead for mankind. Show the world that you are a member of Vivos, prepared and ahead of the curve! Field Supply
Axe A sturdy axe is a must-have, indispensible tool. Whether for chopping wood, breaking out, or breaking in, a drop forged axe is a must have for virtually any survival situation. Field Supply
Field Supply Backpacks
Backpack When it is time to grab and go you'll need a backpack that is comfortable and built to survive the elements. Travel light, but be sure to include all of your critical gear. Field Supply
Binoculars and Scopes
Binoculars and Scopes Unless you are Superman you may not see the enemy coming in the dark. Get ready to see in the night, or even a mile away with the ultimate binoculars and scopes for every purpose. Field Supply
Blankets You must stay warm and dry. These fleece blankets are the answer for comfort, light weight and compact size. Field Supply
Field Supply Blowguns are the completely silent, low cost, light weight, weapon of choice without the need of a firearms permit. Easy to learn and extremely accurate with a good range to take down small game, or for even for self-defense. Please note: blow guns are illegal in certain states. Out of Stock
Bulletproof Vests
y Don't leave home without it when the SHTF! Bulletproof vests are now available for all of us at affordable prices. Get real ballistic protection gear that is safe and meets the test standards needed to survive. Bullet Safe
Bushrag Suits
Bushrag Suit for Camo Will you need stealth to defend your ground? You better get a Ghillie or Bushrag suit for the ultimate camouflage. See the enemy, before they see you. Stealth and surprise are the needed advantage in any combat or defense situation. Out of Stock
Survival Bracelets
Rope Survival wrist bracelets are tough, unique, and expedition ready, military spec paracord. In an emergency situation, you can quickly unravel the bracelet and deploy the paracord for hundreds of lifesaving uses. Field Supply
Compass Even experienced hikers know it is easy to get lost in unfamiliar territory. Don't leave home without a highly accurate and reliable compass. Day or night you need to have your bearings. Field Supply
Dry Pack
Dry bags Versatile and durable, your gear stays dry inside these round bottom dry bags, even in adverse conditions. Shut out water by rolling down the top a few times and snapping the side release buckles together. Withstands submersions of 5m / 15ft for at least 30 minutes. Field Supply
Face Masks
Field Supply Beyond COVID-19, There are many viruses, influenzas and pathogens out there. Be ready for all pandemics, biological terrorist attack, smoke or dust storm. Low cost and disposable N95 and N99 masks are a must have, so you and your budget can breathe better.
Fire Starters
Firestarter Anyone who ventures into the outdoors should have a fire starter. Why not carry one that will spark every time in wind, rain or snow. Field Supply
First Aid Kits
First Aid Kits Prepare for the worst emergencies, but hope for the best. These deluxe first aid kits are designed for virtually every medical situation. Everything you'll need for your family's emergency healthcare. Field Supply
Flashlights Find your way with these extra tough, durable, compact and powerful specialty flashlights. Hands free and tactical flashlights for real emergencies and your nighttime survival and protection. Field Supply
Freeze Dried Food
Rancher's meats These freeze dried foods will provide 25 years of shelf life, while remaining delicious and nutritious. Just add water and minutes later your meals are ready. Packaged for ease of use, convenient storage and protection.

Check out the variety and meal options from these suppliers.
Field Supply Field Supply
Food Dehydrators
Food dehydrators Save money and dehydrate your own foods. These food dehydrators will dry your food fast with even air flow to assure drying from top to bottom, without the need of tray rotation. Ideal for preparing meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and much more. Health products coupon code
Fuel Siphons
Don't expect to be able to buy fuel when disaster strikes. Eventually, your vehicle or generator will run out. A simple and reliable siphon will be priceless for collecting those scarce gallons of fuel to keep your engine going. James Town Dist Products
Gas Masks
This is the ultimate life or death device for the most serious emergencies. Tactical full face protection for nuclear, biological, gas or airborne pathogens. Dependable state-of-the-art, professional level all risk protection. Potomac Emergency Escape Mask
GPS Guidance
Handheld GPS receivers that are accurate, compact, lightweight, and rugged enough to easily take along. Have the assurance that you'll find your destination safely and securely. Bushnell Offtrail G5 GPS
Grain Mills
Grain Mill products Back to basics with a hand powered mill to grind virtually all dry grains. Grind grains such as wheat, corn, oats, barley, and spices for baked breads and more. Grain Mill products
Head Protection
Shareasale Product For stealthy movement, critical protection or extra warmth, you'll need a lightweight fire and abrasion resistant hood. Shareasale Product List
Jump Starter
Jumperpack Gone are the days where you need to lug around heavy and cumbersome jumper cables to jump a dead battery. This tiny, palm sized charging block delivers enough power to jump start a car, a truck, and even charge any handheld electronic device several times over. Survival Frog products
Knives All knives are not created equal! A durable, tough blade that won't break is a must for your self defense, or chopping and cutting your way through virtually any material. Choose your blade type, handle color and make it personal to your requirements.

A true life saver, or life protector!
Tactical Knives
Escape Ladder
frogladder A necessity for emergency fire escape or post-earthquake evacuation after structural damage. Choose from 2 or 3 story ladders. You may not be able to leave home without it! Survival Frog product list
Lock Picks
Don't let a lock stop you. Off road padlocked gates, deadbolts, door locks, and auto locks can stop you in your tracks. Learn to pick any lock in seconds so you will always have the ultimate key to your freedom and access.
Night Vision Goggles
Night vision binoculars and scopes are a must to improve your sight after dark. See terrain and targets with specially designed night vision optics and scopes. This is a must for hunting, security, or even finding your way. Survival Frog
Pepper Spray
Escape life-threatening situations with the assistance of your own personal pepper spray. A few sprays from this substance are all it takes to ensure your safety and stop or halt your attacker. Field Supply product list
Goal Zero power station The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a portable power station that provides power at the push of a button. It can power anything...from electronics as small as cell phones to as large as refrigerators. Survival Frog product list
Protective Suits
An NBC hazmat or pandemic suit designed to provide protection against direct contact with, and contamination by radioactive, biological or chemical substances is an impermeable must. Whether worn for extended periods or just to escape to a safe environment - suit up!
Radiation Pills
A full-strength potassium iodide tablet may be your only option for blocking radiation from damaging your thyroid in a nuclear emergency. This is the one pill that may be priceless after a radiological event. Survival Frog product list
Ready-Made Survival Kits
These deluxe survival kits are designed for versatility to meet virtually any survival situation. Conveniently packed, light weight, all-in-one grab and go survival kits. Field Supply
Non-hybrid seeds grow and reproduce year after year to help you and your family create a self-sufficient emergency garden. Harvest and preserve acres of healthy organic vegetables and herbs. Legacy food Storage product list
A must have a survival shovel to dig in, or dig out of an emergency situation. These folding shovels are a compact, lightweight, strong and durable tool for digging dirt, sand, gravel or snow. Field Supply product list
Sleeping Bags
A waterproof and windproof sleeping bag is critical to retain your body heat. These space age sleeping bags will protect you when others cannot. Field Supply
Solar Power
Solar Power When the grid goes down, you won't. Here are some of the most innovative and advanced solar generators in the world. Power up for free, whether you are sheltering in place, or heading to shelter. Don't be caught powerless!
Stoves Portable solar and electric ovens are a revolution in survival cooking. Harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake unbelievably the most delicious food while being prepared for an emergency.
Water Carrier
Water Carrier 2 Gallon ''Expand-A-Jug'' Water Carrier. This jug is perfect for either in home use, for storage in the back of a car, or to top off a bug-out-bag or 72-hour survival kit. With the ability to collapse down to a smaller size and then expand, it will make securing water for a crisis situation much easier than other more conventional options. Plus, at the price, you’re not going to find something quite as versatile anywhere else. Water Carrier
Water Purification
Assure that you’ll have access to safe drinking water in the wild, or even at home. Micro filters and purifiers remove Giardia, Cryptosporidium and millions of other deadly microbes for safe, great tasting and smelling water. Water Purification
Water Storage
Think of all the ways you use water. You'll need about 2.5 liters per day to stay alive. Carry a reservoir with you for reliable hydration. Reuse over and over again, and refill whenever, and wherever you can. Water Storage
Water Well Siphons
Many preppers ultimate dream is to have their own well for a constant supply of water, but having a sturdy, affordable emergency hand well pump that easily fits their well is the key to survival. Legacy's hand pump is lightweight, requires no assembly or drilling into your well cover to install, easily adjusts to the depth of your well and is highly affordable. Check out the features below and get the best hand well pump on the market! Water well siphons
Windup Radios
Don't rely on dead batteries. These windup and solar powered radios will assure you'll know what is going on in the world. Stay tuned in for the latest alerts and news.
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